Trump threw Pompeo 'under the bus' by admitting he was the one who wanted the IG fired: CNN analyst
Mike Pompeo (Screen Shot)

On CNN Monday, Dana Bash pointed out that President Donald Trump's remarks about the firing of the State Department inspector general directly implicate Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

"I was talking to a source on Capitol Hill just before coming on," said Bash. "The suspicion was initially this inspector general at the State Department might have been because of impeachment, because he provided some documents to Capitol Hill over the objection of political appointees at the State Department. But as Kylie [Atwood] just said, her excellent reporting, the feeling on Capitol Hill as well, those who do oversight of the State Department, is that it was those two investigations that made the Secretary of State look bad."

"Just think about what the president just said," added Bash. "The president kind of threw the Secretary of State under the bus, although throwing him under the bus is what it would be in normal times. If he doesn't really care, I guess they're all just kind of doing everything that seems so inappropriate even though it is legal, they're doing it in plain sight."

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