Trump trade adviser predicts California will become a red state
Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro (Screen cap).

On Fox News Thursday, President Donald Trump's trade adviser Peter Navarro predicted that California will become a red state, due to residents being unhappy with stay-at-home orders and other economic restrictions.

"California is my home state," said Navarro. "I think it's going to become a red state with that kind of leadership. The reality is that if we don't open this economy back up, we're not going to have an economy."

Republicans haven't been competitive in California at the presidential level since the 1980s, and recent demographic changes have caused previously conservative strongholds like Orange County to become heavily Democratic. The GOP recently managed to recapture a northern Los Angeles County congressional seat in a low-turnout special election, but there is no evidence Republicans are competitive in the November election.

Public polling has broadly shown that people around the country support stay-at-home orders by wide margins, over the alternative of opening without a plan to control coronavirus and risking public health.