Trump's attacks on mail-in voting appear to already be undermining Republican get out the vote efforts

President Trump and his allies have spent a lot of time disparaging vote-by-mail, claiming without evidence that it's wracked with fraud. But according to Reuters, some Republicans are worried that Trump's messaging about mail voting will hurt their party's chances of winning in Pennsylvania.

"With less than three weeks to go before the primary, 1,178,475 Pennsylvania voters have applied for absentee ballots, a 14-fold increase from 2016," Reuters reports. "Nearly 70% of those requests have come from registered Democrats, state data as of May 13 show. That margin is far wider than the 55% to 45% registration advantage held by Democrats in the state."

Northampton County GOP head Lee Snover says Republicans are worried that coronavirus will continue to help Democrats with their vote-by-mail advantage.

“It’s a real problem and could be really troubling come November,” Snover said, adding that Trump supporters “simply don’t trust the process, and the president’s comments have not helped things, for sure.”

Read the full report over at Reuters.