Trump's Mar-a-Lago will implement 'social distancing in the Jacuzzi' as part of its new reopening rules
Photo: shutterstock

President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club will reopen along with other Florida places that are welcoming crowds of people as the coronavirus continues to rage across the United States.

According to Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, the club has detailed plans about how to avoid transmission of COVID-19 between members of the club.

In an email to members, Mar-a-Lago explained it is only opening the "Beach Club" restaurant on Saturday, which is apart from the clubhouse. The email said that the "tables and pool loungers" will be placed six feet apart to comply with social distancing guidelines. The guidelines will also be followed on the pool deck "and in the Jacuzzi."

The club includes a large dining room, gym, hotel and Trump's personal residence. All of those locations will remain closed.

“Do not congregate,” the email warned.

The club's traditional season typically ends at Mother's Day to avoid the Florida heat, but after being closed for 57 days, Mar-a-Lago plans to wait until the end of June to end their season. The Trump Organization has furloughed 153 workers from the club.

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