Trump’s new reopening report from the CDC is a ‘big departure’ from the previous plan — it’s ‘vague and watered down’: report
Dr. Leana Wen (Photo: Screen capture)

Dr. Leana Wen told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace that from what she observed the Center for Disease Control's newly released reopening plan appears to be a "big departure" from the previous release of the plan to the Associated Press.

The White House wasn't going to release any guidelines until the report was released by the Associated Press, said NBC's Shannon Pettypiece.

Wallace noted that there is more than there was before, which is the "good news." The bad news may be that it "comes up short" of what was first proposed.

"I'm just going through these myself and the first time I can see is that they don't sound like what the CDC normally puts out. They seem to be pretty vague and actually watered down," said Dr. Wen. "I mean, there's language in there about 'encouraging social-distancing.' What exactly does that mean? We need a lot more specifics."

She said she was looking at the guidelines for child care facilities, where it encouraged sick people to stay at home.

"Really? We're encouraging people to stay at home if we're sick? We're not requiring them to?" said Dr. Wen. "We should just state it as it is and that seems to be a big departure for how the CDC normally talks."

Wallace asked why the CDC would be putting something out that doesn't sound like them.

"I could imagine that a first draft, maybe that the draft that the AP first obtained went to officials, Dr. [Deborah] Birx and other folks who then added language that qualified it in some way," said Dr. Wen. "But you know what? that's not what we need. I mean, regulators, business owners, schoolteachers, they need to know exactly what it is that we should do, not just look at your ventilation system but what exactly should they be looking at? What are the cleaning procedures that should be implemented? What activities are prohibited and what's allowed? That's the kind of specific guidance from the CDC, and at least from my quick read, is not there in the detail that we would normally expect."

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