Trump's repeated claims about mail-in voter fraud are 'laughable': op-ed
Donald Trump speaks to reporters in the Oval Office at the White House (Fox Business/screen grab)

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, Phillip Bump tackles President Trump's comments disparaging mail-in voting, saying that recent developments in Florida expose the reasoning for attacking the system.

"You may recall that, in the days following the 2018 midterm elections, there was some uncertainty in the results in Florida's gubernatorial and Senate races," Bump writes. "While Democrats nationally won clear victories in a number of closely contested House races, Florida looked different, with then-Gov. Rick Scott (R) appearing to win a close Senate race and then-Rep. Ron DeSantis (R) narrowly winning the race to replace Scott. As more votes came in, though, both Scott's and DeSantis's leads narrowed."

Scott made accusations of voter fraud without evidence, and Trump immediately joined in. Scott won, but no evidence of fraud was ever uncovered.

Trump has made similar evidence-free claims elsewhere, and they are often "vague, if not laughable."

"He has repeatedly claimed that people will go vote, leave, change clothes and then go vote again — something for which there is simply no evidence," Bump writes.

Read the full op-ed over at The Washington Post.