Unhinged woman goes on profane rant against 'you Hawaiians' when cop asks her to stop blocking traffic

A white woman was caught on video this week going on an unhinged rant against a police officer who tried to get her to stop blocking traffic.

In the video, the woman can be seen repeatedly yelling "F*ck you!" at the top of her lungs while the officer calmly tries to explain that she needs to move her car.

"I want everyone to stop f*cking yelling at me right now 'cause I'm not f*cking moving!" she screams.

She then got back in her car and continued hurling abuse at the officer by calling him a "short f*cking piece of sh*t."

She then got upset when the officer appeared to say something about her to another person.

"You can talk about me all the f*ck you want, you f*cking Hawaiians," she ranted. "'The white lady's crazy' -- you can talk all the f*ck you want, you f*cking motherf*ckers!"

Watch the video below.