Vulnerable Republican threatens to block Senate recess as his constituents sour on his coronavirus response
Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado (screengrab)

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) is facing a tough reelection where he's struggling to gain traction. That might be the reason Gardner is begging his colleagues not to take a Memorial Day break, so he can still appear to be working in Washington amid the crisis.

Politico reported that the leadership is trying to work with Gardner, but that he still may block a recess in the Senate.

The Global Strategy Group surveyed 800 Colorado voters and found that they ranked Gardner at 37 percent approval of the work he's doing. It's actually worse than what Coloradans think of President Donald Trump, who has a 41 percent rating. Only 30 percent approve of Gardner's work on the coronavirus response.

"Republicans could use Senate procedure to overrule Gardner, but such an intraparty feud on the Senate floor would amount to an airing of the deep divisions in the GOP about what to do next on the virus. Or the Senate could stay in session next week without doing much business," Politico reported.

“Hopefully it won’t be necessary. I’m hoping the leader and Sen. Gardner are able to figure something out that would enable him to get things he wants discussed and considered,” said Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-SD).

Even if the Senate stayed in session, McConnell isn't working on coronavirus legislation. While the House has passed the HEROES Act, McConnell has called the latest stimulus package "dead on arrival."