WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany tells reporter it's his job to figure out Trump's 'Obamagate' conspiracy

At Friday's White House briefing, a reporter asked Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany what specific crimes were committed as part of the vague conspiracy theory President Donald Trump calls "Obamagate."

McEnany said that she was "glad" to be asked, and then listed off several of Trump's grievances over the past four years, like the Steele dossier, without ever actually answering the question of what crime was committed. She added, "I hope you will all pursue" the issue.

"Is the president saying those people should be jailed?" the reporter pressed her.

"I never said that. Those are your words, not mine," said McEnany. She added, "perhaps you should look into it and give me some answers. That is, after all, the job of reporters -- to answer the very questions that I've laid out."

Watch below: