WATCH: Rick Wilson explains why Team Trump is going all in on the ‘Obamagate’ conspiracy
Rick Wilson (MSNBC)

Speaking on C-SPAN this Friday, former GOP political strategist Rick Wilson gave his thoughts on why President Trump and his allies are feverishly pushing the "Obamagate" numbers, saying that it's a reflection of Republicans' fears that he's losing his reelection prospects.

According to Wilson, Obamagate is a "slogan in search of a scandal."

"What we're seeing right now is another example of the Trump-Fox ecosystem trying to rev up his base with accusations of this deep state conspiracy which they are incredibly fond of ... This segment of their base that is into the whole 'QAnon' conspiracy world, believe there's some nefarious plot against Donald Trump, and not that of course that Michael Flynn was talking out of school to the Russians and was doing things that were flagging the national security system," Wilson said.