‘We’re not a nanny state here’: Georgia gov says ‘we can’t keep fighting the virus from our living room’

Georgia governor Brian Kemp announced this Wednesday that he'll continue to roll back lockdown orders as long as people continue to practice social distancing guidelines, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kemp says that the state's data is looking good and downplayed reports about rising numbers of new cases.

“It’s one reason I opened up the state when I did. I felt like our people had learned a lot. They get it. They know what they need to do,” he said. “We can’t keep fighting the virus from our living room.”

As AJC points out, figures show an increase in week-to-week cases of coronavirus in the state, "though it’s unclear whether it’s a statistical blip or it represents a marked change."

“If we continue to drive the numbers down and continue to get further past our peak and take care of that vulnerable population that’s out there, we can continue to lift restrictions,” he said.

When it comes to wearing masks, Kemp says he won't require Georgians to wear them.

"We’re not a nanny state here," adding that he plans to “lead by example.”

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