Young indigenous woman says she was punched in the face by racist white man after she sneezed

A young indigenous woman in Vancouver, Canada, says that she was brutally assaulted by a man while she was walking in a park and happened to sneeze, CTV News reports.

According to Dakota Holmes, the man, who she says was a white man in his 30s, hit her multiple times in the face and caused her to fall to the ground. The man also made racist comments about how she should go back to Asia and accused her of bringing coronavirus to Canada.

"All I did was sneeze because I have allergies, and this man just lost it on me," she said. "It was incredibly racist slurs. He assumed I was Asian."

"Then he punched me in the face and he just kept on yelling," she added.

Holmes says her dog got between her and her attacker, forcing him to finally back off.

Watch CTV News' report on the story below: