‘You’re being played’: CNN’s Cuomo slams Trump’s newest vaccine promises
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Friday, Chris Cuomo excoriated President Donald Trump for his boasts about an upcoming coronavirus vaccine — even though the economy is reopening with no national plan, partly at his demanding.

"He refuses to tell you the truth. This will not disappear," said Cuomo. "Do we have to have a vaccine? I don't know. Let's listen to the scientists about that. Are we open anyway without one? Yeah. Is that something to brag about? No. We had to reopen without it, but it was never about a vaccine."

"Look, this whole thing today was a play, bringing out the Secretary of Defense," continued Cuomo. "We'll have one by January? Great. It would be great. What does the media do? January, January. Can they do it? Let's get experts lined up to say no, no, you're getting played. You're all getting played. Don't you see? I know you do at home. But you start listening to the media because we won't shut up."

"Who cares about a vaccine right now?" continued Cuomo. "We're reopening right now without a plan, without the right testing and tracing, people none of the wanting to wear masks because they can't get clear guidelines ... that's the state of play, summertime. What are we going to do? How do we do this the right way? Crickets. You haven't heard Trump saying anything about that. School's not open, we're not reopened. If we don't have a vaccine, we still open. Great, we all want to do that. That's the easiest decision to make. How about making some hard decisions?"

Watch below: