'You're discriminating against me!' Woman claims to be a victim after store won't let her shop without a mask
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Another maskless person has lost her mind after being denied service because she refused to take coronavirus precautions. She claimed she had a "medical condition" that prevented her from wearing one.

The woman uploaded the video, presumably expecting sympathy, but she ultimately ended up on the sub-Reddit "Public Freakout."

After being told she couldn't shop without a mask, she asked for the manager.

"OK, I need to talk to a manager," she said.

The worker at the shop told her that they would be happy to provide her with a mask if she wanted one.

"I'm not wearing a mask," she said.

The manager told her that he couldn't let her in without a mask.

"OK, where are the rules and regulations that state that," she asked.

"Regulations?" the manager asks.

"Because you're discriminating against me now, do you know that?"

It goes downhill from there with her demanding a business card for the owners of the store. She also filmed a diligent worker spraying down the handles of the carts to disinfect them for customers.

Watch the video below: