Arizonans waiting in 104 degree heat for over 5 hours to get COVID-19 tests before Trump arrival: NBC News reporter

Coronavirus cases have climbed past 52,500 in Arizona, giving the state its highest hospitalization rate for the virus since April. In the midst of the ongoing health crisis, NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard told his own story about trying to get tested for the virus in the state -- a test he's seeking out after reporting amongst the massive crowds of protesters.

"Yesterday & today, all the time slots for CVS testing sites within 30 miles of me are full. There are no walk-ins for COVID tests at CVS," Hillyard wrote on Twitter, adding that CVS requires one to be a resident of the state they're getting tested in. Hillyard apparently lives in D.C.

When Hillyard tried to to get a test at a nearby urgent care, he says there was a 5.5 hour wait with folks "sitting outside with masks — it was 104 degrees out."

"I stopped at the Sonora Quest Labratories on McDowell Rd in Phoenix this Saturday morning," he wrote. "After waiting in line, I was informed that they were only doing antibody tests — not actual COVID tests. It was suggested I check out Banner Health’s testing operations for the day."

He also had no luck when he drove back to an urgent care in Downtown Phoenix, where he was told he could not get a test because he was not exhibiting symptoms.

"I was told by the friendly woman at the counter at the Banner Urgent Care in downtown Phoenix that my best option was to wait until Monday when Banner Health's drive-thru operation at the state fairgrounds opens back up," he wrote. Other urgent cares told him that he wouldn't get the results from his test for 10-12 days.

"So then, giving up on today & looking to tomorrow, all the appointments for the greater Phoenix's NextCare Urgent Care facilities are booked for Sunday -- the nearest available appointment is Prescott (1.5 hours north of Phoenix)."

Read his entire Twitter thread here.