Armed St. Louis couple comes out waving AR-15 at BLM protesters
Armed St Louis CouplePhoto by Bill Streeter @billstreeter/Twitter

A St. Louis couple came out of their home Sunday, waving their guns and threatening Black Lives Matter protesters.

The protesters were in the Central West End, on Lake Ave. in St. Louis protesting Mayor Lyda Krewson, who doxxed BLM protesters during a Facebook Live event.

Krewson was doing her regularly scheduled press conference about the coronavirus on Friday when she was asked about the protests. She claimed that the conversation about policing “wasn’t really a two-way conversation… because there was a very loud response from the demonstrators."

Protesters had sent her, in writing, some ideas and requests. Mayor Krewson then began reading aloud the suggestions along with the names and addresses of the people who sent them.

She has since deleted the video of the doxxing, but it prompted a protest of her from organizers demanding she resign.

When the protesters were marching against Krewson, an armed couple came from a ritzy home with a handgun and what appears to be an AR-15.

According to St. Louis Dispatch photographer Laurie Skrivan, the couple did point the guns at the protesters.

Jonathan Myerson Katz noted that the images appeared to be violating a Missouri statute that could be a Class E felony.

You can see photos and video below: