On CNN Monday, White House correspondent John Harwood walked through the failure of President Donald Trump's rally — and the president's growing understanding that he is in trouble ahead of November.

"He personally needed the adulation of people in a crowd to lift his spirits from the funk he's been in because of the state of the country," said Harwood. "The interest of the people who would be crowded into that rally without masks, those were secondary. And the fact that only 6,000 people showed up for that rally is an indication that there are a lot more people than before who are perceiving the reality of the situation, and [it] certainly had a very strong vibe of the wheels coming off the wagon."

"It was also striking to see this video of him arriving back in Washington and walking off there," said anchor Erica Hill. "When you see his face, as you continue to watch this video, to see President Trump with his tie undone, hat in his hand, I mean he looks absolutely defeated. And I'll go back to it again, the fact he would allow himself to be captured on camera really speaks volumes."

"He was defeated, Erica," said Harwood. "You couldn't walk away from that rally. When he's told it would be a packed arena, 40,000 people and outside overflow. He performed for a while and feels good from having performed, but he can see what's going on. He knows he's behind significantly in the polls. It was in that moment — you're right, it's striking because he rarely allows that part of himself to be seen. He knows he's getting beaten and battered. Not obvious there's a way out of it."

Watch below: