‘Bye-bye, Tucker’: Fox News host loses multiple corporate advertisers following rants against Black Lives Matter
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (screen grab)

Although the far-right opinion hosts at Fox News often get high ratings, they can also cost the right-wing cable news outlet money when they start losing advertisers — and Tucker Carlson has lost some major ones following his unhinged rants against Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protestors.

Media Matters reports that the advertisers that have abandoned Carlson this week include T-Mobile, SmileDirectClub, Disney, Vari and Papa John’s Pizza.

On Monday night, June 8, Carlson asserted that Black Lives Matter “is definitely not about black lives,” but rather, is an example of “left-wing mobs” that are out to “cancel your rights.” And the following night, Carlson ranted against a “Sesame Street” special that had an anti-racist message — which he saw as leftist indoctrination of children.

Democrats, Carlson said on June 8, “encourage theft and mayhem as if that will help.”

On Twitter, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert was asked if Carlson’s message was one his company could support — and he responded, “It definitely is not. Bye-bye Tucker Carlson!”