CNN's Acosta: White House aides have given up on trying to get Trump to follow his own rules
Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

On CNN Thursday, senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported that President Donald Trump's aides are giving up on trying to get him to wear a protective face mask, in compliance with his administration's own public health guidelines for COVID-19.

"Jim, you have new information on the president's refusal over the last few months to even wear a mask," said anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"President Trump is on his way back from the battleground state of Wisconsin, where he's trying to rescue his reelection chances amid a pandemic," said Acosta. "We're learning tonight the president is walling himself off from bad polling, telling advisers he doesn't believe polls showing he's trailing Joe Biden."

"Aides are not hopeful the president will ever warm up to wearing masks," continued Acosta. "As one official told us, quote, 'the president will never change on the mask.'"

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