Columbus police accused of pepper-spraying double amputee and 'stealing' his prosthetic legs
Protesters administer first aid affter police pepper spray double amputee in Columbus, Ohio (Reddit/screen grab)

Police in Columbus, Ohio were accused on Sunday of stealing two prosthetic legs from a double amputee after he was pepper sprayed at a protest.

Video of the incident was posted on Reddit. It shows a man without legs laying on the pavement while protesters call for a medic.

A local professor explained on Twitter that her husband had witnessed the event.

According to the witness account, the double amputee was forced to flee from police "on his hands."

Video taken prior to the incident, shows Columbus police officers advancing on protesters.

Police Sgt. James Fuqua later defended the action by claiming officers used pepper spray as a last resort.

"We did use pepper spray," he admitted. "We absolutely used maximum restraint in using pepper spray as our last resort."