Conservative confirms Nevada Republican said 'my white ass is more qualified than somebody’s black ass': report
Michele Fiore (KTNV)

A prominent African-American activist and regular national cable commentator has confirmed to the Nevada Independent that once again Las Vegas City Councilperson Michele Fiore has said something drawing criticisms from her own party after remarks she allegedly made Saturday to 250 people at the Clark County Republican Convention.

“She says that ‘If there’s a job opening and my white ass is more qualified than somebody’s black ass, then my white ass should get the job,’” Black conservative activist Niger Innis recalled to the site Tuesday.

Innis also claimed that Fiore said “white lives matter,” but added that “Hispanic lives matter, Asian lives matter, black lives matter, all lives matter.”

Fiore denied she made the comment when asked about it on Monday.

“No I don’t, Absolutely WRONG and inaccurate please do not text my personal cell with rubbish,” she wrote in a text message.

Fiore currently serves as a RNC committeewoman, but the Clark County Republicans are distancing themselves from her.

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