A Huffington Post investigation into online forums for current and former police officers has revealed a "fever swamp" in which police regularly fantasize about massacring anti-police brutality protesters.

"This police media ecosystem is not necessarily a broad representation of what most cops believe," Huffington Post writes. "But inside this echo chamber, which has thousands of users and readers, extremist views dictate the narrative."

One such forum for current and former New York City Police Department officers called "Thee Rant," for example, featured a post that recommended antifa sympathizers face "a firing squad," while other officers chimed in to recommend attacking them using snipers or napalm.

Another popular cop news website called Law Enforcement Today, meanwhile, runs stories whose overwhelming theme is that police across the country are under siege from political correctness.

The website also regularly runs articles that could have just as easily been published at Breitbart.

"Another one of Law Enforcement Today’s recent articles is a far-right screed that claims the Black Lives Matter movement and antifa are using protests to 'destroy America from the inside,'" reports Huffington Post. "The piece echoes common white nationalist talking points: It blames the 'radical left' for attacking 'our Judeo-Christian heritage,' and claims that Western society faces an existential threat in part from 'mass immigration from sub-Saharan Africa and the middle east.' LET tagged the article as one of its 'must reads.'"

Read the whole investigation here.