‘Democratic pigs!’ Woman throws a profanity-filled tantrum at Trader Joe’s after being told to wear a mask

On Saturday, a viral video circulated of a woman at a newly opened Trader Joe's in North Hollywood, California, throwing a fit after people scolded her for not wearing a face mask in the store.

"You think this is okay?" she screamed in the video as customers and employees surrounded her, before slamming down her shopping basket and storming out. "You f**king pigs! You're f**king Democratic pigs, all of you!"

Catching sight of the man filming her, she shouted, "That man harassed me for not wearing a mask!" She later claimed "I have a breathing problem!" and that her doctor "won't let her" wear a mask.

COVID-19 has seen a sharp resurgence in California as the state has reopened its economy. Residents are currently required to wear a mask in public places.

Watch below: