False rumors of an antifa invasion are filling up local neighborhood Facebook groups: report
Images for anti-police violence protesters in Atlanta (screengrab)

Unverified rumors about factions of antifa and looters descending on suburban neighborhoods are blowing up in local Facebook groups and neighborhood watch forums around the country, NBC News reports.

"Some of the posts feature a screenshot of a tweet by a fake antifa Twitter account that Twitter said was created by the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, attempting to drum up fear of looting in residential and suburban areas," the reports reads. "The false antifa tweet was boosted in part by Donald Trump Jr., who posted a screenshot of the tweet to his Instagram account. Other rumors falsely warn of antifa members being 'bused in' to towns in Idaho."

"The social media rumors about outsiders coming to damage property or commit acts of violence at protests have ripped through local communities over the last week, aided by neighborhood-focused social media networks and groups," the report continues.

According to Matt Hildreth of RuralOrganizing.org, the mininformation campaigns are specifically targeting these communities.

"It seems to be specifically attempting to stoke fear and paranoia, especially in response to what we're seeing in Minneapolis," she said.

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