Former NBA player overcomes 'crippling anxiety' for protests: 'We are tired of the tyranny of police' and Donald Trump
Former NBA Player Royce White (Photo: Screen capture)

Former NBA player Royce White overcame his anxiety to lead protests over the weekend in Minneapolis.

Speaking to CNN Tuesday, White noted that if only people listened to football star Colin Kaepernick, who peacefully protested by taking a knee during the "National Anthem" sung at games, this would not have happened. He was trying to raise awareness about police brutality and the disproportionate attacks on people of color at the hands of police. At the time, conservatives, including President Donald Trump, blasted him for the protest, ignoring the reason for doing it and focusing instead on how he refused to stand for the song.

He explained that the way forward is to "rebuild from the ground up. Communities have to take back their sovereignty. And it's going to be ugly. Our president, Donald Trump, being the liar that he is, ran on the idea of sovereignty. But for some reason, it doesn't apply to Black communities and brown communities. For some reason, he believes we're beneath philosophical ideas like sovereignty. But we are not. We do believe we deserve sovereignty and we will stand up for it."

White has been an advocate of mental health issues as he is plagued with crippling anxiety.

"Look, I deal with anxiety, but I told people this would happen," he told CNN. "These corporate oligarchs that these corporations were incompetent. That these corporations lacked the necessary humanity to protect us. America is the world's biggest corporation."

He referenced a tweet he sent that predicted that things will get worse if Trump refuses to allow people of color equal rights.

"We are tired of the tyranny of police. We are tired of corporations. We are tired of his tyranny," said White about Trump.

See the video below: