Fox News host says everyone knows Black Lives Matter — but GOP must say it is ‘wrong’
Black Lives Matter Plaza (screengrab)

On Monday evening, a Fox News personality offered a perplexing view on whether or not black lives matter.

First, Tucker Carlson attacked Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for marching with protesters and declaring that black lives matter.

"Mitt just wants to make sure Americans understand -- get it through their thick heads -- that black lives matter, as if Americans didn't know that," Carlson said.

Minutes later, he complained that President Donald Trump was losing in the polls.

Instead of suggesting Trump acknowledge that black lives matter, Carlson instead blamed Republicans for not arguing that the Black Lives Movement is "wrong" so they can "protect the country."

Carlson was particularly mad about the huge "black lives matter" street-art in Washington, DC, which he claimed was partisan -- despite his earlier claim that Americans agree that black lives matter.