Frat boys expelled from Sigma Chi after video shows them mocking George Floyd’s death
George Floyd (Twitter)

A fraternity at the University of Arkansas is condemning a video that reportedly shows students mocking the death of George Floyd, 4029 News reports.

"Our nation is hurting with the death of George Floyd and what it signifies for many people," a UA statement read. "Mocking a senseless tragedy is not something to take lightly and this incident is under investigation."

The Omega Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi claims the incident was not connected to the fraternity, but has nevertheless expelled the people who appeared in the video.

The video reportedly showed the students reenacting Floyd's death in a mocking manner.

"The Omega Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi was horrified to learn of an incident over the weekend which involved two members of the chapter acting in a manner inconsistent with Sigma Chi’s values," read a statement from the fraternity shared by KARK.

"While this incident was in no way connected to our fraternity, we have begun the process of expelling these individuals from the chapter," the statement continued. "The former members have expressed their sincerest remorse and regret for their actions and have acknowledged that being removed from membership in Sigma Chi is an appropriate response. The Omega Omega chapter of Sigma Chi is proud to embrace diversity, inclusion and equality as cornerstones for our chapter. Finally, we hope the two former members will take to heart the lessons learned from their behavior and will actively work to repair the damage created by their actions."