George Floyd's brother leads protest crowd in emotional prayer at the site of his brother's death
(Photo: Screen capture)

George Floyd's brother Terrence led protesters in a tearful prayer at the makeshift memorial that has been set up at the site of his brother's death in Minneapolis.

He begged the crowd for calm as protesters around the world have marched in solidarity with those demanding justice.

Linking arms with friends and family, Mr. Floyd shouted down the crowd asking, "what are y'all doing?" Saying that breaking down businesses and setting things on fire isn't going to bring his brother back. He explained that he's more upset than anyone, but "if I'm not wilding out" others shouldn't either.

"My family is a peaceful family. My family is God-fearing. Yeah, we're upset, but we're not going to be repetitious," he continued. "In every incident of police brutality, the same thing ends up happening. Y'all protest. Y'all destroy stuff. And if they don't move -- you know why they don't move? Because you don't destroy their stuff, y'all destroy our own stuff."

He asked the crowd for "another way."

He said that the only way to stop these incidents are to "vote" and "educate yourself and know who you're voting for."

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