GOP Senate candidate complains schools are teaching too much 'multiculturalism'
Image via Corky Messner for Senate.

On Friday, the Huffington Post reported that Corky Messner, a GOP businessman running for Senate in New Hampshire, complained that schools are teaching kids too much "multiculturalism" at a virtual town hall.

“We are essentially up against multiculturalism and the values that we know that are being taught in our public schools and universities that are not part of the values and beliefs that made this country great,” said Messner at the event, which took place on Wednesday and was flagged by Democratic super PAC American Bridge. “So we have a battle on our hands.”

Messner went on to say that "multiculturalism and political correctness" are creating a "tribalism" and that “We won’t be able to hold this country together if we don’t have a common culture. And that common culture is what made America great.”

Asked to elaborate by the Huffington Post, Messner said that “The diversity is the strength of this country,” but that “Conservatives and conservative young people ... are afraid to say they are conservative. In my view of political correctness, I think that is not a good thing. If young people are afraid to express their opinions because they are perceived to be conservative and therefore not politically correct, that’s a problem.”

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