GOP senator wants to spend hundreds of billions to boost travel across America during COVID pandemic: report
Sen. Martha McSally and Donald Trump (Facebook)

One Republican senator has an ambitious proposal to boost travel within the United States despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

"A day ahead of Trump’s visit to Arizona, GOP Senator Martha McSally proposes giving taxpayers *$4,000 each* to take a vacation," Bloomberg's Steve Dennis reported Monday evening. "Couples would get $8,000 in vacation tax credits, plus $500 per kid."

"McSally’s massive travel stimulus bill would require the travel to be within the United States but at least 50 miles from your principal residence," he explained. "The bill would pay for your food, beverages, lodging, transportation and live entertainment events (including sporting events)."

Dennis noted that if 100 million Americans took advantage of the program, it would cost $400 billion.

"Also, the tax credit isn’t refundable. So if you don’t make enough to pay federal income taxes, you don’t get the free vacation," he noted.

Here is his full thread on the forthcoming legislation: