GOP strategists go on profane rants about Trump's campaign as they panic about 2020 'wipeout'
President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

Several anonymous Republican strategists who spoke with Vice News this week spoke in dire and profane terms about President Donald Trump's prospects for winning the 2020 election.

All the strategists interviewed by Vice said that they've been seeing Trump's approval numbers plunge in states across the country, which they warned would lead to a massive defeat this fall unless things started changing drastically.

"The environment really sucks for us right now," one strategist working on GOP congressional races said. "We’ve got a worldwide pandemic, the economy is slipping and now we have a race war tacked on. If the election were held today, we’d be talking about a wipeout. We’d be in landslide territory."

Another GOP strategist warned that Trump has little time to turn things around.

"Trump has to get his sh*t together and his campaign has to get their sh*t together, or it’s going to be really problematic," they said. "It would be catastrophic."

And another GOP strategist feared that, as bad as the environment is now, it's possible that it will get worse for the president in the coming months.

"Are we at the bottom or has the bottom not even dropped out yet?” they said. “I don’t know what gets us out of this. People are probably just f*cking sick of it."