He rushed to help an injured police officer in San Jose -- he got shot with rubber bullets moments later
San Jose protester Tim Harper (Photo: Screen capture)

San Jose resident Tim Harper was only at the protests to march with allies when he saw a police officer get injured. He sprung into action, rushing to the officer's side, ABC7 reported.

A video shows Harper and two other officers carrying the man to safety and away from other protesters.

"I ran up there and grabbed his ankles and carried him to his car," he told ABC7 News.

Harper saw police shoot a teenage boy in the head and rushed to his aid next. He was furious.

"I tried to walk up peacefully. I was a good distance from them and I just said 'you guys just shot a kid in the head over here, what the heck is wrong with you guys' and then the next thing I know, an officer walked through two officers, shot me, and then stepped behind the other two officers, and I just turned around and walked off," he recalled.

Harper was shot in the stomach by the officer, moments after coming to help one of their own.

But things got worse. When he turned on the news, Haper saw San Jose police officer Jared Yuen, who was filmed taunting protesters.

Harper then realized that the police officer that walked through the line just to shoot him for chastizing cops who shot a teen in the head, was none other than Jared Yuen.

"When you wake up in the morning like this, you're not going to forget a face," Harper said.

He went on to blast the police chief Eddie Garcia for backing up the officer.

"You got the chief of police backing this cop and we don't want cops like this around here," said Harper. "They need to fire him."

Harper wants an apology from Yuen, but he also called San Jose PD internal affairs and wrote a letter to the city's mayor.

See the video below: