Horseback riding club rolls into Houston protests to stand in solidarity with protesters
Houston riding club in BLM protest (Photo: Screen capture)

Horses are raising a hoof to support Black Lives Matter protesters in Houston, Texas Tuesday.

After several nights of protests, an urban trail riding club, Nonstop Riders, joined the efforts

“We’re here representing for all our black brothers and sisters," said Marcus Johnson, sitting atop his horse.

As the riders fists stretched toward the blue Texas sky, the protest crowd broke into cheers and applause.

Brianna Noble did the same at the protests Friday, sitting atop Dapper Dan, leading a crowd of protesters.

"I decided to take my horse out to the protest to kind of change the narrative of what's going on. I wanted to give the media something positive. A good, bright, positive image to focus on, as opposed to some of the destruction," she told KQED.