'I got better hair': Trump makes his 2020 case at Tulsa MAGA rally that he's 'much more handsome' than his critics
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Tulsa (screengrab)

President Donald Trump argued that he has better hair than his critics during a long-winded campaign speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"Somebody two days ago said, 'Sir, the elite are working hard at trying to destroy you,'" Trump said, even though White House reporters often joke that any of his stories that begin with somebody calling him "sir" are made up.

"They're not elite," Trump argued. "I look better than them, much more handsome, I've got better hair than they do."

"I got nicer properties, I got nicer houses, I got nicer apartments -- I got nicer everything," bragged the man who reportedly received hundreds of millions of dollars from his father.