'I will call the cops!' White woman threatens to call police on Black man for blowing leaves
Angry woman screams at man for allegedly blowing trash on her property (Twitter/screen grab)

Video circulating on social media shows a white woman excoriating a Black man for cleaning the street near her property.

The video, which was shared on Tuesday, shows a white woman yelling at a worker for allegedly blowing street trash on the edge of her property. It was not immediately clear where or when the video was recorded.

"Do what you have to do," the man says after the woman apparently suggests she will call law enforcement.

"Stop dumping on my property!" the woman screams.

"You mad now," the man observes.

"I will call the cops!" she threatens. "Because this is dumping, you are illegally dumping on my property!"

In a second video, the man explains that he did not blow leaves on the woman's property.

"I just blew the street off, that's all I did," he says. "If I blew the leaves off this property, this property would be clean. This property, nothing is clean. All I did was blow the edge, you feel me, all to over there."

"Yes, this is my property!" the woman exclaims.

"She tripping," the man laments.

"Call the company, don't talk to me," the man says, ending the video.

Watch the video clips below.