The owner of a shaved ice stand in Kansas said this week a controversial snow-cone flavor will no longer be sold by his business.

Tropical Sno owner David Schaper told KSNF that his "burning noose" flavor had caused too much controversy.

“I’m not even going to have the flavor anymore, I guess," he lamented. "It’s caused so much controversy.”

Schaper explained that the "burning noose" flavor -- which combines grape, watermelon, and cotton candy -- was the idea of a "young African-American man."

"They would come with friends, and he wanted to make this flavor," he recalled. “He chose the flavors, and he chose the ingredients of it.”

“I certainly meant nothing by it, and I treat all my customers the same," Schaper added. "I’m 100-percent against any form of racism.”

It was not immediately clear why the flavor was named "burning noose."

Watch the video below from KSNF.