Kayleigh McEnany goes off on CNN after reporter grills her about violently clearing out Lafayette Square for Trump's photo-op

During the Monday press briefing, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that President Donald Trump has "no regrets" for having protesters forcibly dispersed so that he could do a photo-op at the St. John's Church.

“There’s no regrets on the part of this White House,” Kayleigh McEnany told the media. “We stand by those actions.“

She then claimed protesters "burned down" St. John's Church, which is factually inaccurate.

She went on claim that the Justice Department and Park Police were the ones responsible for the decision.

"The president is not sorry for the way things went?" a reporter pressed.

"No, the president is sorry about the fact that antifa wreaked havoc in our streets and the failure of some members of the media to note that," McEnany responded, citing CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

Her comments came after the Park Police confessed it was a “mistake” to say they never used tear gas.

"The point is we admitted to using what we used," spokesperson Sgt. Eduardo Delgado told Vox. "I think the term 'tear gas' doesn't even matter anymore. It was a mistake on our part for using 'tear gas' because we just assumed people would think CS or CN."

Despite this, Attorney General Bill Barr has claimed that "pepper spray is not a chemical irritant."

“No, there were not chemical irritants. Pepper spray is not a chemical irritant,” Barr said. “It’s not chemical.” He then tried to change his point saying, “There was no gas.”

See the full briefing below: