Malcolm Nance predicts Trump will ‘tell us what’s good for us as African-Americans’ in a 'black carnage speech’
MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcom Nance (screengrab)

National security expert Malcolm Nance warned President Donald Trump will enflame tensions by delivering an address to the nation on race.

"Malcolm Nance, your reaction to the possibility of a race relations speech being delivered to this nation by Donald Trump?" MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell asked.

"If it wasn't so terrible, it would be laughable," Nance replied.

"I think we're going to see the black carnage speech," he predicted.

"And I think what you're going to get is the most incredible whitesplaining that has happened since the Articles of Secession in the Civil War. Literally, he is going to tell us what's good for us as African-Americans."

"It's going to be gasoline by the bucket loads on the fire," he warned.