Matt Gaetz complains his history is 'being erased' by 'people who are ashamed' of the Confederacy
Matt Gaetz speaks at House Judiciary Committee hearing (YouTube/screen grab)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Wednesday said that the march to remove Confederate and other racially insensitive statues was effectively "erasing" the history of the United States.

"Roger Stone should be pardoned," Gaetz said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Stone's prosecution. "I believe Roger Stone will be pardoned. And then this proceeding will look even more ridiculous than it does today."

After accusing Hillary Clinton of "colluding" with Russia, Gaetz turned his attention to the protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

"As we sit here today, America's cities are burning," he complained. "Our monuments are being desecrated. Our history is being presumably erased by people who are ashamed of the United States of America."

"And we have the audacity to have a meeting about the rule of law," the Florida Republican added, "on a case that's already over, on an impeachment that's already failed, when there is real work for this committee to do. It's a joke."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.