Mitch McConnell's progressive Black challenger: Democrats can win Kentucky with 'moral clarity'

On MSNBC Monday, Kentucky state Rep. Charles Booker, a progressive Democrat challenging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, explained why he believes his message could resonate in Kentucky — and why he believes he is a better candidate than Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath, who has dominated the race in fundraising and advertisements.

"We are used to being ignored. People don't listen to folks in Kentucky," said Booker. "We are demanding justice and accountability and we want a brighter future like anyone else. My message is very populist. I'm a type one diabetic, I had to ration my insulin. Somebody like Mitch McConnell could care less if we die, and my biggest opponent, Amy McGrath, who calls herself a pro-Trump Democrat, doesn't have a clue about the challenges we face. I'm excited to build the coalition, from the mountains of Appalachia and the hood where I'm from, and that's why we are going to win the race."

"Right before the segment, I was in Estill County, with folks that were demanding justice for Black lives," said Booker. "It's a part of Eastern Kentucky, where it's over 99 percent white. What we are seeing across the moment is an understanding that we are interconnected. If we fight for the challenges that face my community, we will lift all Kentuckians. I stood on the front lines and I was hit with tear gas, and I don't care, this is where my family is."

"This is how do we show the courage to lead in the home, and I'm doing my party and the commonwealth is standing behind me to win the race as a result," he added. "I speak with morale clarity and you know where I'm coming from."

Watch below: