Mueller witness told FBI he was unsurprised they were asking about Erik Prince: ‘I knew you guys would come’
Erik Prince (Photo: Miller Center/Flickr)

On Tuesday, a new trove of FBI interview documents from former special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation was released by BuzzFeed News, which for the last several months has been gathering the documents after winning access to them in a lawsuit.

Among the revelations in the document was the fact that the FBI inquired about Erik Prince to an unidentified witness — and he wasn't surprised.

"A male witness whose name was redacted wasn’t surprised when FBI agents showed up at his home," reported Jason Leopold. "He asked if the agents were there to inquire about the campaign, and about Erik Prince, then replied: “F**k, f**k, I knew you guys would come, it was so f**ked up.”

Prince, the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the founder of the controversial mercenary group Blackwater, came under suspicion amid reporting he met with an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Seychelles to discuss establishing a backchannel to the Trump campaign.