Oklahoma's Republican governor busted on camera yawning at Trump's rambling speech
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt yawning (Photo: Screen capture)

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R-OK) desperately wants to be one of President Donald Trump's friends. He helped pave the way to bringing the president into a state where they were experiencing record-level COVID-19 outbreaks. But when the moment came, it seems Stitt found the president a little dull.

Stitt was captured on camera yawning at Trump's speech at the Saturday Tulsa rally to a half-empty crowd.

Stitt wasn't alone, at least two other Trump fans were captured on camera at just the moment they expressed their boredom. One woman directly above the president's right shoulder let out a big yawn before looking around at what else might be happening in the arena other than the president.

Actress Jane Lynch captured the other moment of a Trump supporter holding his phone to film the rally he didn't even seem that interested in.

Here's another: