Orange County woman goes on profane rant against 'liberal' store manager who asked her to wear a mask

A woman in Orange County, California this week went on a profane rant against a "liberal" retail outlet that refused to let her shop unless she wore a face mask.

In a video shot by the woman herself, she can be heard telling employees at the Crossroads Trading clothing store in Costa Mesa that she has a purported "medical condition" that prevents her from putting on a face mask while shopping in their store.

After an employee at the store told her that she wouldn't be allowed to shop without a mask, the woman warned her that, "I have you on video -- for the law."

At this point, the store manager walked up to the woman and told her that the store required masks "for the safety of our employees."

"So I can't be a customer here because of my health condition?" the woman asked incredulously.

"Not at all," replied the manager. "You can be a customer if you wear a mask."

After the manager once against explained to her that masks are needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the woman informed her that she was "breaking the law" by asking her to wear a mask.

"If you want a mask, we will give you one," the manager offered.

"The whole f*cking point is to not wear a mask!" the woman fumed and exited the store, at which point she continued her rant.

"Costa Mesa psychos -- sheep! -- want to make sure that nobody can walk in without wearing a mask even though there's no f*cking virus even affecting anyone, because they're all f*cking liberals!" she said.

Watch the video below.