Police used pepper spray and flash-bang grenades on protesters outside Trump's controversial Phoenix rally: report
Phoenix police (screengrab)

Police in Phoenix gassed protesters outside a church where President Donald Trump was holding a campaign rally despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Police corralled protesters into a designated "free-speech zone" marked by metal barricades," AZ Central reports. "Around 4:30 p.m., Phoenix police put on riot gear and began assembling in a line at the intersection of Cake Creek Road and Sharon Drive. They advanced on the crowd, ordering protesters to back up, and suddenly shot flash-bang grenades and a burst of pepper spray into the crowd."

"It was the first time Phoenix police have advanced on and used crowd control measures against protesters since May 31, the first night of Gov. Doug Ducey's curfew to curb protests when police shot gas into a crowd approaching Interstate 10 and arrested more than 200 protesters," AZ Central noted.