Republican candidate attacks George Floyd's niece after she asks 'when has America ever been great?'
George "Perry" Floyd's niece Brooke Williams (Photo: Screen capture)

George "Perry" Floyd's niece Brooke Williams took to the pulpit Tuesday to beg an end to a "corrupt and broken" system. But it was her knock on "Make America Great Again" that sent conservative supporters of President Donald Trump into a tailspin of pearl-clutching and attacks on a mourning family.

“Why must the system be corrupt and broken? Laws were already put in place for the African American system to fail,” Brooke Williams said. “These laws need to be changed.”

“No more hate crimes, please," she continued through tears. "Someone said, ‘Make America great again,’ but when has America ever been great?”

People of color argue that America has not been "great" for everybody within its borders, and Floyd's family knows it as well as anyone.

Still, Republican congressional candidate Errol Webber, who is running against Congressional Black Caucus leader, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), took to Twitter to attack Williams as a "Commie."

Another conservative noted that it sounded like Michelle Obama.

Finally, one called her a "stupid ungrateful silly uneducated ungrateful b*tch. You digust (sic) me."

Others followed

Others responded to it with empathy and compassion.