Republicans have decided they aren't 'twisting themselves in pretzels' to defend Trump anymore: report
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Politico reporter Jake Sherman explained in a PBS "Washington Week" discussion that it has become clear Republicans aren't defending Trump anymore.

"Republicans have just basically decided, as we put it in Playbook, almost to just pat him on the head – Pres. Trump that is – and move on with their day. They're no longer really twisting themselves in pretzels to defend him," Sherman said Sunday.

Instead, they're replying to reporters asking questions with, "we didn't really see that" or claiming they need more information. While they still haven't moved to be brave enough to criticize Trump, refusing to defend him is a huge step for Republicans who protected the president from a legitimate impeachment investigation.

He also noted that it appears Republicans are willing to make a deal with Democrats on police reform. They agree that no-knock warrants should be banned as should the "choke-hold." The fact that Republicans aren't trashing the Democrats' bill is evidence that the two parties are willing to work.

See the video below: