Secret Service forced to quarantine after Tulsa rally staff outbreak
Images via Twitter

After eight members of President Donald Trump's advance staff were diagnosed with COVID-19, the U.S. Secret Service has decided to quarantine dozens of officers who are now at risk of coming down with the coronavirus.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that since two Secret Service agents were diagnosed with the virus, others the agents came in contact with could be at risk.

There is a Secret Service field office in Tulsa, where some agents were waiting to be tested.

"Among those who got tested was U.S. Attorney R. Trent Shores of the Northern District of Oklahoma, who had attended both pre-planning meetings with advance staff and the rally in case any legal issues arose, according to spokeswoman Lennea Montandon. Shores tested negative," the Post reported.

Oklahoma has experienced a massive spike in COVID-19 cases over the past week, both before and after Trump's rally. Tulsa County, in particular, had their highest day of coronavirus cases Wednesday, with 259 new confirmed cases

Tulsa Health Department director Bruce Dart called it part of the “steep upward trends” seen across the state, said the Post.

“The U.S. Secret Service remains prepared and staffed to fulfill all of the various duties as required,” said spokesperson Catherine Milhoan. “To protect the privacy of our employees’ health information and for operational security, the Secret Service is not releasing how many of its employees have tested positive for COVID-19, nor how many of its employees were, or currently are, quarantined."

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