‘Sending a message to violent MAGAs’: Trump pummeled for promoting video of white couple pointing AR-15 at BLM activists
Couple Armed with AR-15 in St. Louis

One day after promoting a video of his supporters shouting "white power!" and calling them "great people," President Donald Trump Monday morning retweeted video of a couple pointing an AR-15 and a handgun at Black Lives Matter activists in St. Louis.

It was his first tweet of the day. As of 10:30 AM Trump, who has no events except lunch on his official schedule today, has posted 29 tweets or retweets so far.

On Sunday Trump's retweet of the "white power" video was so explosive he was forced to delete it, and the White House was forced to issue a statement. That statement claimed Trump had not heard the shouts of "white power!"

On Monday, many expressed new outrage.