'Shut the hell up': ESPN host drops expletives in take down of Ben Carson telling NFL players not to kneel
ESPN host LZ Granderson (Photo: Screen capture)

ESPN host LZ Granderson unleashed on Ben Carson in a CNN interview Sunday after the Housing and Urban Development secretary for saying NFL players have no business kneeling during the National Anthem. It's a protest that has angered conservatives, who believe that not standing for the Anthem is unAmerican.

"My personal feeling is if those players were to come out and say, 'We love our nation. We are patriots. We love our flag. We honor the memory of those who died to give us our freedom. But we are protesting some of the brutality that has occurred, and that's why we are doing this.' I think it would solve the problem," Carson said.

It's a confusing stance because Colin Kaepernick explained why he was respectfully kneeling as a form of non-violent protest and civil disobedience.

"I'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed,” Kaepernick said. "To me, this is something that has to change. When there's significant change, and I feel that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way that it's supposed to, I'll stand.

"This stand wasn't for me. This is because I'm seeing things happen to people that don't have a voice, people that don't have a platform to talk and have their voices heard, and effect change. So I'm in the position where I can do that, and I'm going to do that for people that can't."

Carson's words made Granderson let out a long sigh.

"It's such bullsh*t.," he said. "Forgive my language. It is so disingenuous to sit here and pretend as if the players haven't been saying this, exactly that. Not, by the way, that it is required. It is not required that you actually say those things to exercise your First Amendment rights. So, it really angers me to see Ben Carson, someone who we used to admire in the Black community, having his face on a poster board on my classroom all those years, seeing him spew this kind of ridiculous rhetoric. I would much rather he just shut the hell up as continue to perpetuate this ridiculous rhetoric that 'if the players just did this, then everything would be all right.' Stop it! Get out of the way. You're in the way now."

See the video below: