A Texas doctor on Wednesday shredded Trump-loving Gov. Greg Abbott for rushing to reopen his state while COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations surge.

Dr. Peter Hotez, the dean of the School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine, told CNN's John Berman that the current situation in Texas represents the "greatest public health failure in the history of the nation," and he warned that it will spiral out of control very quickly.

"We're seeing a very steep acceleration in the number of cases here in Houston, in our metro areas, as you pointed out, and also in San Antonio and Austin," he said. "And it's not just an increase in the number of cases, it's the slope, the way it's accelerating. It's almost vertical. This is what we call an exponential rise, meaning it's been flat for a while and now it's going up almost vertically."

Hotez then said that the state should consider going back into full lockdown to get the spread of the virus back under control.

"If it were up to me, we would do exactly what we did towards the end of March, which is a full -- implement a full lockdown and social distancing," he said. "That's the only way that I see that we're going to start to bring those numbers down."

Watch the video below.